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A one-stop-shop for accurate weather, wave and ocean data

High quality scientific data at your fingertips

Our scientists produce high-resolution tidal models in-house and select meteorological and oceanographic datasets from official and academic sources. We provide the most accurate and comprehensive suite of metocean data available to the maritime industry.

Are you an application developer for commercial shipping?

We make integration easy for you.

Easy access:

  • All the metocean data you need in one place
  • Forecast, nowcast and historical
  • Point, area and web map services
  • Fast and easy integration with our APIs
  • Reliable, high capacity service with SLA's

Accurate data means better outcomes for your customers.

Help them:

  • Reduce their fuel consumption
  • Lower their emissions
  • Slash their costs
  • Analyse and benchmark performance

Are you a sailor who wants to win races?

 Ocean and coastal sailors:

  • Use our gribs in your favourite software
  • Make confident routing decisions based on better data
  • Abandon the rhumbline without fear!

 Dinghy and high performance:

  • Understand currents across the course in high detail
  • Easy to use online map of currents

Why Tidetech?

There are plenty of services that provide weather data. Typically these use free data from government sources and make the products available via APIs.

We use some of these sources too, but:

  • We use our scientific expertise to make decisions on which sources to use by reviewing published research on accuracy. We select the best performing data so you don't have to. 
  • We provide high quality tidal current data, not available from other weather services. Our scientists have been pre-eminent researchers in modelling coastal seas for many years. They have a deep understanding of the processes involved, a fundamental grasp of the mathematics that underpin the models and a lifetime of experience in developing and running them to produce accurate results.
  • We have built a cloud based high capacity system to manage and deliver data to you, fast and seamlessly. 

Choose Tidetech because we have:

  • The best available data from external sources
  • Unique high resolution current data
  • Enterprise grade data services with guaranteed service levels
  • All the data products you need in one place


Our Story 

Tidetech Shortclip - at the forefront of ocean and tidal forecasts


Meet our team

We are oceanographers, meteorologists, data and systems specialists and sailors

The Management team

Rog Proctor

Dr Roger Proctor

Science Director and Co-Founder

Roger was the Director of the Australian Ocean Data Network, hosted by the Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS), an Australian government research infrastructure program, between 2008 and 2018. Prior to joining IMOS he was based in the UK as Program Leader for the Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory (now National Oceanography Centre) strategic research program “Modelling and Observation Systems for Coastal Seas”. In this role he also acted as consultant to the British Olympic Sailing Team for the Olympics between 1988 and 2004. He holds a PhD from Liverpool University, UK and has authored more than 100 publications and reports. Roger has always had the belief that research products, generally paid for by taxpayers, have value to a much wider range of users than just the research community, and feels Tidetech is an excellent vehicle to enable this.


Penny Haire

Managing Director and Co-Founder

Penny had a long career in the Maritime industry, as a sail trainer and Chief Instructor for the Royal Yachting Association before founding Tidetech with Roger in 2008. Having grown up near Liverpool UK which has one of the largest tidal ranges in the world, she has always been fascinated by tides. Her passion is to be able to make scientific research about weather and oceanography more accessible and usable for everyone in the maritime world and for Tidetech's data to be used to help reduce harmful emissions from shipping.


Henry Nichols

Henry Nichols

Data and Systems Manager

Henry is our expert in all things to do with giant databases and spatial data and has done a superb job in designing and building our state of the art data management and distribution system.

He has a Masters in Geographic Information Technology and  is a Bachelor of Archaeology. He has also had a glittering career as a professional blues / jazz drummer. Eclectic is his middle name.