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Whitsunday Islands Tidal Model for Airlie Beach & Hamilton Island Race Weeks.

Posted by Paul Freeman on 3 August 2023 7:31:10 PM

Model - Key facts 

Tidetech is excited to again release their state of art finite element hydrodynamic tidal currents model for the Whitsundays just in time for the Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island Race weeks 2023.

It's time to take the guesswork out of the complex Whitsundays tides and gain local knowledge without being a local. Get a race-winning advantage allowing you to make the most informed strategic, tactical decisions with data you can trust from Tidetech. 

Our model features an unprecedented high resolution of approximately 200metres. This fine resolution can highlight critical tidal current features such as back eddies off headlands. 

Whitsundays picture 1

This model features a short time step of just 30 minutes allowing you to see changes in current direction and strength across the tidal cycle. 

Whitsundays picture 2

Our fully scientifically validated hydrodynamic model is available to you in GRIB file format only.

Stop guessing, Start winning with the Tidetech Hydrodynamic Whitsundays model. 

Get local knowledge on your yacht for only €199 for your Airlie Beach or  Hamilton Island race week campaign. 

When you sign up for your Race week pack, we will send you a link to access the Grib files. 

Airlie Beach Race Package

Hamilton Island Race Package


Whitsundays picture 3

If you would like to talk with a member of our Tidetech team to discuss our new model drop us a line, include your contact details we will get back to you soon

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