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View live high resolution currents for Auckland in our online map

Tidetech was supplier to the 34th America's Cup in San Francisco, now we have developed a brand new model for Auckland, covering the AC 36 courses.

  • Try it free for the Cup
  • Seven day forecast of current speed and direction at 30 minute intervals
  • 100m resolution
  • GRIB files available by subscription

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Integrate our data with your application

Optimize operations, reduce costs and uncover new revenue opportunities.

Our highly reliable and robust data delivery service enables you to integrate accurate and detailed forecast, nowcast or historical data directly into your application or IOT solution.

Access datasets programmatically or implement our Metocean layers in your WMS.

Dataset Access

Our API provides multiple endpoints for accessing dataset metadata and data values. Data can be queried by area or by individual point or points. Area data is delivered in grib or netcdf format, point data is delivered in json format.

View the Tidetech API documentation

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Forecast & Nowcast Data

View available datasets

Historical Data

Available datasets:
Global Combined Ocean and Tidal currents
Global Weather
Global Wind


Web Map Layers

Utilise our weather, wave and current layers in your wms.

We have done the hard work of rendering our data as images, making them available for integration as an enterprise grade OGC compliant service.

View available datasets

View the Tidetech WMTS documentation


About Tidetech

World leading scientists developers and navigators

Tidetech provides a one-stop-shop for detailed, accurate and validated metocean data including tidal and ocean currents, weather, waves, sea temperature and more.

Our data scientists and specialist developers have created an industry-leading data platform which enable us to manage large scale, complex meteorological and oceanographic datasets. Hosted in a cloud environment, built-in redundancy and multi location hosting ensures that our customers experience a seamless, fast and reliable service. Enterprise customers also benefit from a defined service level agreement and custom data and delivery options.

Data can be provided in a number of formats and integrated with third party applications.