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So much more than just a weather map, you can monitor millions of data points of metocean data, sea levels and temperature.

You can even customise your timezone, units of measurement, and more

The power of the Tidetech Tidemap

Analyse currents, tides, weather, waves and cyclones


See live data
or look back or forward in time


Drop a pin anywhere in the ocean to see the detail


About Tidetech

World leading scientists developers and navigators

Tidetech provides a one-stop-shop for detailed, accurate and validated metocean data including tidal and ocean currents, weather, waves, sea temperature and more.

Our data scientists and specialist developers have created an industry-leading data platform which enable us to manage large scale, complex meteorological and oceanographic datasets. Hosted in a cloud environment, built-in redundancy and multi location hosting ensures that our customers experience a seamless, fast and reliable service. Enterprise customers also benefit from a defined service level agreement and custom data and delivery options.

Data can be provided in a number of formats and integrated with third party applications.